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The Goa Quiz(Christmas) consists of a total of 12 questions. After answering the questions, click on the "Submit your answers" button located at the bottom of this page to view your quiz results. The top ranking names and scores can be viewed by clicking on the View Top Rankings link on the Talent Zone page. Best of luck in answering the quiz and joining the top scorers online list.

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(1) What is the customary form of greeting during Christmas in Goa?
Kissing under the mistletoe
Hugging under the coconut tree
Shaking of hands and hugging
Greeting with a smile and folded hands

(2) What are the traditional Goan sweets prepared during Christmas called ?

(3) What is the Goan substitute for plum pudding during Christmas ?

(4) What is the most enriching manner of commemorating Christmas in Goa among the country folk ?
Attending midnight mass
Going out for a Christmas eve party
Seranading in the village throughout Christmas night
Visiting the homes for the aged and orphanages

(5) What is usually offered during Christmas after family prayers ?
A slice of dodol and cashew fenny
A slice of cake and wine
A slice of bebinca and rum
A slice of doce and brandy

(6) Which among the choices below is a traditional Goan Christmas sweet ?

(7) Which is the most famous popular Goan legend associated with Christmas ?
One of the three wise men came from the village of Moira
Mother Mary fell short of sweets in Moira while distributing them to all the villages of Goa
The star which guided the wise men can always be seen in Moira throughout the year
Bananas from the Moira would turn into sweet delicacies during its distribution

(8) According to another legend, what happened when the mother had prepared Cunsvar ?
Her son rose from the dead and accompanied his mother to the church for midnight mass
Her daughter was cured of her illness after eating the cunsvar and then went about the village distributing it
Her baby son touched it and the cunsvar and it went on multiplying till Epiphany
Her children ate all the cunsvar and there was none left for distribution

(9) During the course of the Christmas day in Goa what is definitely not exchanged between housewives ?

(10) What is the typical main dish for a traditional Goan Christmas dinner ?
Sorpotel and sannas
Arros and xacuti
Arros and vindaloo
Sannas and xacuti

(11) What were the Chritmas cribs in Goa made of when they were first introduced ?
Wooden crib with stone statues
Bamboo crib with clay statues
Live crib with the skit on the birth of Jesus
Plastic crib with porcelein figurines

(12) In which year were all Christmas celebrations cancelled in Goa ?

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