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Thank you for visiting VivaGoa.com and hope you found the site useful and interesting. Here is what some people say about this website. We would love it if you would SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK too, so that we know how you feel about VivaGoa.com.

Was just reading the Goa newspaper online and suddenly I seen this site and checked it out. Its really fantastic.Keep up the good work.I found my lost friend in one of the calagute parish picnic photograph.Even though we are far away we can still be in touch with all these goan people.Proud Goans All the best.
Milushka <Milushka@rediffmail.com>
manama, Bahrain - Sunday, July 06, 2003 at 01:53:15 (PDT)
Good Work Keep it up. Upload some goan konkani songs etc, so goans around the world can enjoy the taste of goan music. i myself & my brother works in dubai internet city and planning to build a multimedia site which will host the entire information of goa's future, will cover the facts and problems which goa are facing today . if you people have any help or comments or suggestions please feel free to mail us. thanks jay easy contact : jai_b@hotmail.com
Jay Fernandes <jai_b@hotmail.com>
Deira, Dubai U.A.E - Saturday, July 05, 2003 at 06:24:17 (PDT)
Hi Cliff, The best website on Goa. Keep up the Good work.
Elvis <elvisbrat@hotmail.com>
Dubai,U.A.E, Goa Inida - Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 09:54:15 (PDT)
Hi Cliffy.....I'm planning a trip to Goa with my husband and you're site with its lovely pictures have impressed me alot. I think I'll definitely come to see for my self. Keep up the good work and I'm not saying this because I'm Cheryl's friend....:-)
Noor <justwhy24@hotmail.com>
Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain - Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 01:11:07 (PDT)
Hey Cliff & George Keep up the good work! It's the site like this that keeps all the overseas "GOEMKARS" in touch with our Golden Goa!!!! Best wishes jerome hilary
Jerome Hilary <jeromehr@omantel.net.om>
Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman - Friday, June 06, 2003 at 10:55:13 (PDT)
Goa,some people say India's answer for Hawaii,some say "Paradise on Earth" and yes it is.My Goa, what a beautiful place on earth.I love you and i miss you my home land,,,,,,,,Goa
john fernandes <johns4seasons7seas@rediffmail.com>
HAMILTON HM 11, HAMILTON BERMUDA - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 14:00:54 (PDT)
MAPUSA, GOA INDIA - Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 04:49:11 (PDT)
A big thankyou to Allwyn Gomes from Ambajim Margao for all the help given to us in Goa and for starting the computer schools at different locations in Goa. You were the first and we will always remember you
David <david@yahoo.com>
- Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 11:31:13 (PDT)
nice site I have added it to mt communities msn GOA--THE S UNSHINE STATE
Margaret Foster <mgtfoster16@hotmail.com>
Scotland, U.K. - Saturday, April 05, 2003 at 09:55:20 (PST)
Hi Cliff,great website that i have come acros.Keep it up
TALIGAO, GOA INDIA - Monday, March 31, 2003 at 14:47:46 (PST)
Hi Cliff, its a beautiful site with some great links......I am so excited to read so many things obout our beloved Goa........My congratulations to Cliff
marques <mefrem@hotmail.com>
dubai, united arab emirates - Monday, March 31, 2003 at 14:09:35 (PST):59:55 (PST)
Cliff, Congrats! on your wonderful refreshing website. A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!! AAAHHH! Best of Luck
Vernon Rodrigues <vernonrodrigues14@hotmail.com>
Margao, Goa India, - Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 14:09:29 (PST)
Hi Cliff, its a beautiful site to browse n to know more n more about goa,keep it up .
Louis D'souza <louis851@rediffmail.com>
Pune, Maharashtra India - Thursday, March 06, 2003 at 01:57:46 (PST)
was very surprised n happy to find such an great site.cheers to cliffy.keep up the good work.im 21 n studying sound engineering in london.any goan musician intersted please contact.im new in london n looking for friends,especially from goa.
steve dias <dsteve@rediffmail.com>
wembley, london uk - Saturday, March 01, 2003 at 10:07:30 (PST)
hi i am from goa. looking out for my friend name jacqueline fernandes from raia. cool site thank u.
sabrina mascarenhas <rayboy26@hotmail.com>
calgary, canada - Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at 10:41:11 (PST)
I would like to contact my cousin in Raia. His name is Sebastian D'Souza, House No. 404, " Tembin," P.O, Raia, Salcette. My number is 309-786-6944. Please tell him to call or write. Thanks for your page. How come Goan Associations are not listed in the NRILinks Web Page? Several other Indian Associations are. Since I did not find Goans listed I decided to do a search and I'm glad I found you, Thanks
Vincent G Thomas <vgthomas@qconline.com>
Rock Island, IL USA - Friday, February 21, 2003 at 22:01:31 (PST)
Hi Im from Goa , as we all are right? so... im just looking for someone to write back and forth to if you have Msn and your between 13-15 pls add me CLIFFY YOU ROCK Great website Keep it up Your the best
Tina <treble_charger182@hotmail.com>
Montreal, Cananda - Sunday, February 02, 2003 at 14:27:48 (PST)
CATARINA <katt_zinha@hotmail.com>
COIMBRA, PORTUGAL - Monday, January 27, 2003 at 09:20:10 (PST)
Coimbra, PORTUGAL - Monday, January 27, 2003 at 09:10:09 (PST)
wonderful website keep it up . nice to see my college friends savio, tony and flora , how are you people doing ,, keep in touch, take care and god bless.
elroy pereira
hyderabad, andhra pradesh india - Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 14:45:39 (PST)
HI Guys, May God bless all of you.
avinash colaco <avicolaco@yahoo.com>
calgary, alberta canada - Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 22:18:17 (PST)
Hi there. Really appreciate what you are diong.Was impressed to see the calangute parish teenegars in action.Congrets to you. Wish one day you could organize such a event where all the parishes could unite in unity to celebrate and bring all teenegars together. This is only a dream but remember dreams can be made into reality.God bless you.
willie fernades <williejpferns@hotmail.com>
salmiya, kuwait kuwait - Monday, December 09, 2002 at 04:09:00 (PST)
Hello all you Goan fan's! I am half Goan/ half English and have just returned from my first visit to my wonderful motherland!!! Thanks to Cliff for this site :) I am looking to learn everything about Goan's (if thats possible?!) as I still feel alike an outsider and to make friends with you. Please get in touch! Love and peace xx
Clare Hamilton <clarehamiltonuk@yahoo.co.uk>
London, U.K. - Thursday, November 28, 2002 at 13:37:13 (PST)
Great website you've got here! I found the Goan recipes especially useful. I shall definitely be trying a few of them. Very best wishes & a Happy Christmas & New Year to all at VivaGoa. Patsy (Goan Forever)
Patsy Miranda <pmiranda@deloitte.co.uk>
London, England - Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 05:21:05 (PST)
Cool Site , refreshing one.
Samresh <xysamresh@yahoo.com>
pune, maharastra india - Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 02:45:13 (PST)
XAVIER <xniall@yahoo.com>
dubai, uae - Thursday, October 31, 2002 at 03:58:57 (PST)
Hi Cliff, Keep It Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting for pen pals section soon on your vivagoa, we love it! really nice!!!!
Victor San Ferns <Loverpest@yahoo.com>
Tivim, Goa Kuwait - Tuesday, October 29, 2002 at 22:11:31 (PST)
Please send me some info about your site!!!
cliff luis ferrao <luisjesusferrao@yahoo.com>
Lexington , Ky USA - Tuesday, October 29, 2002 at 11:41:49 (PST)
COLLIN <carasvaddo@yahoo.com>
KUWAIT - Friday, October 11, 2002 at 10:54:22 (PDT)
<Cool site. Feels so much in Goa. Keep up the good work.
Isidoro Sequeira <isi2jann@emirates.net.ae>
Dubai, UAE - Thursday, October 03, 2002 at 23:12:36 (PDT)
hi it's a lovely site ,but i hope you give more information and update the information
Joseph fernandez <fernz@indiatimes.com>
bangalore, karnataka india - Wednesday, September 25, 2002 at 03:03:19 (PDT)
REDFORD, MI USA - Sunday, August 25, 2002 at 06:51:37 (PDT)
Hi my dearest bro, Fantabulous site. Absolutely marvellous and I'm not just saying it because i'm your sister.Miss Goa alot and miss you too. Say hi to ma for me. Keep up the GREAT work. See ya soon.
Cheryl C D'Souza <cherylcdsouza@yahoo.com.hk>
Bahrain - Friday, August 23, 2002 at 11:39:21 (PDT)
Lovely site. Should have a pen friend section. I,d love for people to write to me.
Miss Parmalee <zomoti@sify.com>
goa, goa india - Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 04:42:23 (PDT)
Hey Cliff cool site.
Andrew DeSa <fddsa@rogers.com>
Toronto, Ont. Canada - Sunday, July 28, 2002 at 19:17:43 (PDT)
Hi, This is the best goan website that I have come across. Really look forward to meeting the people behind these good thoughts. Am far away from home and by loging onto this site I really felt in Goa. Thanks Bye
Mark Lobo <marcu@rediffmail.com>
mapusa, Goa India - Saturday, July 27, 2002 at 15:40:32 (PDT)
Great site... esp for us Goans who've gone away. Makes one rather nostalgic. Keep it up!! (and up dated too.)
Merle Fernandes <fernandes@lvpeye.stph.net>< 09, 2002 at 08:02:23 (PST)
Visit once and I`ll be back-I LOVE GOA!!!See you next time...
jyke <jyke@kolumbus.fi>
vantaa, uusimaa finland - Sunday, February 10, 2002 at 04:44:56 (PST)
This is the best way to know a lot about goa ..... i like this site a lot ..... i also play for a band in goa know as the Cream ..... someone has been pushing a wrong address to our web site , i dont know who ? anyways our web site is www.geocities.com/creamcrocs/the_cream.html....check it out ...it is the genuine web site....peace..............
jurgen <silversurfer_18@rediffmail.com>
panaji, goa india - Tuesday, February 05, 2002 at 08:44:28 (PST)
very nice
Rajesh <kayrajesh@lycos.com>
cochi, kerala India - Friday, January 25, 2002 at 09:14:59 (PST)
Hi I don't even have my own website after being in the field for 2yrs + , So i wldn't want to critisize but u asked for comments , so here they are !! :) What i've seen of your website I've loved ... hope to check out the rest of it soon .. 1)The recipes are goan. period. that's what i loved about them !! Will definitely try them out . 2)The photographs are amazing , who ever's done the job has captured it all . the churches & the beaches are just the way i remember them Don't care much for the comments though , specially about the girls & "display" & "cute one " 3) The curency coverter .. smtng i'd come back for . 4) Your welcome page is very attractive 5)liked the quotes at the top of the pages 6) The entartaintment section is inviting . I'm inspired :)) All the best , Olya.
Olya lopes
- Thursday, January 10, 2002 at 13:03:07 (PST)
I absolutely love this site, and I love Goa even more!
Julianna D'Souza <juliannad@hotmail.com>
Lagos, Algarve Portugal - Tuesday, December 11, 2001 at 01:04:43 (PST)
I would very happy if more detials are given og small towns i.e. remote areas, for the benifit of the surfers.
Anthony Fernandes <Anthony_Fernandes1@rediffmail.com>
mumbai, maharastra India - Monday, November 26, 2001 at 02:20:02 (PST)
Hi Guys, Great job enjoyed surfing this site, will log in more often please keep this updated as I would love to know on Goa happening more often..........Thanks & cheers.
GODWIN FERNANDES <fernandesgodwin@hotmail.com>
Bombay, Mah India - Wednesday, November 21, 2001 at 01:37:56 (PST)
Cool Site. Wish there were more like this one on the Net.
Ron Reisebericht
- Monday, October 29, 2001 at 08:49:15 (PST)
Hi there! I am Jason Dias, I am 20 years old and study in Coventry University doing my first year MDES/BA in Transport Design. This is a great sight as Goans from all over can keep in touch. About myself I enjoy designing-especially vehicles, playing the keyboards and my favourite artists are Pink Floyd,Nitin Sawhney, Eric Johnson(top guitarist) and The Pet Shop Boys. Do feel free to keep in touch with me and best wishes. Have a good one! Jason Dias
Jason Kevin Dias <jkdias@hotmail.com>
Nairobi, Kenya - Saturday, October 27, 2001 at 02:54:26 (PDT)
hi, am studying in the uk and was very proud to see this site. keep u the fabulous work!
Dr. Brenda Ferrao <ferraocynthia@yahoo.com>
united kingdom - Monday, September 24, 2001 at 03:12:03 (PDT)
Dear Cliffy:Keep up the great job.Would have been nice if you could have a penpal section too,especially for younger kids who'd like to keep in touch with kids in Goa.Good Luck.
Rose Gomes <rose-gomes@usa.net>
Toronto, Ont. Canada - Sunday, August 12, 2001 at 11:27:50 (PDT)
really cool site.......good job!!!!
Cheryl <cheryl_p77@hotmail.com>
Massachusetts USA - Tuesday, July 31, 2001 at 12:32:30 (PDT)
Its an awesome site - with some great links.
Michelle <michelle.fernandes@halliburton.com>
Dubai, UAE - Monday, July 23, 2001 at 15:57:00 (PDT)
An interesting site. Good work Cliffy!! Keep it up
Jaquiline Martin <jaquilinemartin@hotmail.com>
Manama, Bahrain - Thursday, July 19, 2001 at 12:38:01 (PDT)
Nice and informative site - made me happy to see Goa online. Keep up the good work.
trfernandes <trfernandes@hotmail.com>
Mumbai, India - Wednesday, July 04, 2001 at 23:44:46 (PDT)
Hi Cliffy, This is a very cool site, feels good to read. Good work and Good Luck
Michelle De Souza <desouzm@bp.com>
Dubai, UAE - Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 07:55:04 (PDT)
hi buddy. keep up the good work.
Dr Lloyd <jlloydd@rediffmail.com>
calangute, goa india - Monday, June 04, 2001 at 12:49:17 (PDT)
Great Site Cliff !!!!
Anthony <axdsouza@hewitt.com>
Mississauga, Ontario Canada - Monday, June 04, 2001 at 08:34:05 (PDT)
Thanks to Viva Goa, feels so much back home.
Judite De Souza <Judite@emirates.net.ae>
Abu Dhabi, UAE - Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 13:57:05 (PDT)
keep up the goenkar spirit cliff.....kool site
anil <buklau8008@hotmail.com>
troy, michigan u.s.a. - Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 12:15:49 (PDT)
i love goa
chris <chrissandy80@hotmail.com>
london, uk - Saturday, May 12, 2001 at 14:17:11 (PDT)
absolutely love your site.we were in Goa april 2001. plan on returning feb/april 2002.love the place,planning our retirement in Goa.looking to buy property @candolim beach.would love to here from anyone who might know of such sales.
Francis Vaz <francisvaz@goainternational.com >
Hertfordshire, England - Wednesday, May 09, 2001 at 11:38:09 (PDT)
Philip F. D'Souza <philipfdsouza@yahoo.co.uk>
Siolim, Bardez, Goa India - Sunday, April 22, 2001 at 16:10:14 (PDT)
Your site is cool
Andy <fddsa@home.com>
Toronto, ont Canada - Wednesday, March 28, 2001 at 08:51:58 (PST)
It is a nice site. One feels at home. Parabens e viva Goa.
Telesforo Fernandes <Languagelab@hotmail.com>
New Delhi, Delhi India - Monday, March 05, 2001 at 09:22:46 (PST)
Hey why don't u start a free matrimonial service on ur site. There r very few online goan matrimonial sites.
David <fernmay1975>
Alexandria, VA USA - Sunday, February 04, 2001 at 18:36:08 (PST)
It's a privelege to sign a Goan Guest Book !!
Jacqueline D'Souza <jdesouza@hotmail.com>
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Tuesday, January 16, 2001 at 03:25:30 (PST)
Good Job !
Terence Pimenta <terencepimenta@yahoo.com>
Curtorim, Goa India - Thursday, December 14, 2000 at 09:35:19 (PST)
we cant wait to get back in feb. this will be our fourth time in goa.we love it.
chris and jean weller <jncweller@btinternet.com>
eastbourne england - Sunday, December 03, 2000 at 10:32:07 (PST)
je visite Goa grâce à vous. Vive Internet et vivaGoa.
thiel dominique-emmanuelle <domithiel@noos.fr>
paris, Frence - Wednesday, October 18, 2000 at 22:11:27 (PDT)
Its Really a nice site. Is there any site in goa which can help me finding my lost friend.
Muntazir <muntazir@mail.com>
Lucknow, U.P India - Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 21:12:26 (PDT)
Hello! I was adopted from Goa 1979 and now I am searching for my family in Satari/Goa. If somebody reads this and want to help me, please e-mail me.
Maria Sandeberg <sandeberg.patrick@telia.com>
Sweden - Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 14:11:31 (PDT)
Hi Cliff ......Is it the same Clifford who I met at the Jesus Calls meeting at Bahrain......If you are then do email me.......If not this is still a great site
GODWIN WILSON <drgodwin@hotmail.com>
Mangalore, Karnataka India - Saturday, September 23, 2000 at 22:54:22 (PDT)
Hi! I'm of Azorean (Portuguese) descent and I think the Goan culture is so fascinating. This is a great site.
Derek Tavares <tavares1103@yahoo.com>
Boston, MA USA - Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 12:23:03 (PDT)
hi, everyone greetings from Tanzania
jeannette Dias <jeandias_2000@yahoo.com>
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Saturday, September 02, 2000 at 01:11:18 (PDT)
Great Site! Glad to see that innovative and talented Goans still exist!!!!! All sections are nice. Just one suggestion... The Goan Bands section needs a bit of revision.u could maybe feature the current favourites and snippets about them......Anyway good work guys...keep it up:-)
Maria Goretti <maria_goretti@email.com>
Mumbai, Maharashtra India - Sunday, August 13, 2000 at 06:01:15 (PDT)
It is indeed wonderful site. Keep up the good work, keep our culture and keep our heads high. It gives me great sense of pride. Goans are great. All the best to all of you.
Alfredo Andrade <alfredandrade@hotmail.com>
St. Pete, FL USA - Saturday, August 12, 2000 at 22:59:00 (PDT)
Cliff, keep up your fine work. regards, Milton (GOANS INTERNATIONAL).
Milton Rodrigues <m1goa@aol.com>
London, England - Monday, August 07, 2000 at 20:05:27 (PDT)
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ANTON FERNANDEZ <bkg@kozmail.com>
panaji, GOA India - Sunday, July 16, 2000 at 09:49:56 (PDT)
I absolutely love Goa and I am planning to retire there one day. It's great to see pics and bring back very fond memories. Viva Goa Forever!!!
Marian <marianhankins1999@hotmail.com>
Deal, Kent England - Saturday, July 15, 2000 at 11:07:41 (PDT)
I like your site!
Melina Pereira <http://www.expage.com/relaxgoa>
Greenville, NC USA - Friday, June 23, 2000 at 10:43:50 (PDT)
I'm originally from Agacaim currently studing in USA. Hats off for the VIVAGOA Webmaster! Good job!!!
Melina Pereira <melina2000@netscape.net>
Greenville, NC USA - Friday, June 23, 2000 at 10:42:40 (PDT)
Great site. Good to see that clifford is working on something else than ?W??? ??R?? Just try to found what is it!
French Guy <tommasi@brainsoft.ch>
Marseilles, BdR France - Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 11:14:54 (PDT)
Cliff I have been reading your achievments in life and your 15 rules. This is from me: You are fantastic, I love to hearof poeple who have achieved a great goal. You are great mate and keep up the good work for our great GOA
Willy Noronha <auskev@eisa.net.au>
Sydenham, Victoria Australia - Wednesday, June 21, 2000 at 07:50:28 (PDT)
I was very happy to find this site. I have always been looking for something like this. This is one way I can promote this beautiful state of ours. Great job Cliffy
Willy Noronha <auskev@eisa.net.au>
Sydenham, Victoria Australia - Monday, June 19, 2000 at 22:52:11 (PDT)
Hi everyone, Its nice to see this beautiful site. Lots of info. Best wishes to all those behind it. like to see further development. Very powereful tool for global speedy contacts. Keep it up.
Ed D' Souza <edsouza816@aol.com>
Desplaines, IL USA - Sunday, June 11, 2000 at 08:39:45 (PDT)
Hey Cliffy Boy, Its great to see so many websites on Goa of late. Goans staying abroad are always hungry for news about what is happening back home. I am one of them and being in the journalist field, I feel it all the more. With so many sites around, it makes life a lot easier. Your site is really great. The contents are exciting and the photographs are extra special. But what makes a good site is its regular updates. Once a person is addicted to a site, he/she keeps visiting it which is good for people like you who handle the sites. Please update your site regularly and I'm sure visitors will increase manifold. I liked the quiz on Goa. Add a few more to the number of quizes, I'm sure it will not only enlighten Goans about their motherland, but others will get the pleasure of reading the site and then answering the questions. Cheers Cliff!! keep up the good job. We are always with u. Regards: Glen
Glen D'Souza <glen_dsouza@hotmail.com>
Sharjah, UAE - Tuesday, June 06, 2000 at 07:35:14 (PDT)
Hi, Cliff and George! Awesome site you've got! Visiting it was like going back to Goa where I spent 2 weeks last February. Good to know that you folks keep Goa and the Goans very much alive on the Net. I also like your "motto": "Goan Forever" - I find it really cool (I'm partly Goan myself: my grandmother came from Panaji). Next February I'll be going back to Varca for another 2 weeks - what a pity I can't meet you both! Do keep up your fantastic work - you have a fan here in Luxembourg!
Julio Dourdil-Diniz <jdourdil@europarl.eu.int>
Luxembourg, Luxembourg - Thursday, May 25, 2000 at 23:51:14 (PDT)
Hi Guy's it's a great site to go through keep up the good work you'll make us Goans proud.
Felix D'Souza <felix_d'souza@apl.com>
Fujairah, UAE. - Tuesday, May 23, 2000 at 02:18:52 (PDT)
great site,man keep up the goodwork!!!!! viva goa
sangeet augustine <fightingfalcon76@yahoo.com>
margao, goa india - Monday, May 22, 2000 at 00:34:41 (PDT)
Beautiful site!! Brought memories back. I am from Chorao married in Verem. Would like to see something of Madel and Saude (we have beautiful sites of the Compro) I just visited Goa and was in Don Bosco last year. Good job!!
Claudette Brito <cbrito@humanitas>
Wheaton, MD USA - Thursday, May 18, 2000 at 06:33:40 (PDT)
JOE GRACIAS <jgracias@internet.lu>
LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 13:57:34 (PDT)
Excellent site Cliff. Keep it up
Pravin Patel <bheja@yahoo.com>
Stockton, California United States - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 10:05:26 (PDT)
Hi Cliff, Well realy I dont have any words to say something .Because you have shown to the peoples what was kept under the pot by our politicians.Really it was the job of goverment to show the world about our golden goa.Really I will never forget your name and your lovely work. God bless you. Carlos
KUWAIT - Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 02:21:21 (PDT)
Hey Cliff, neat site, good snaps. I only wish you could include a snap of the light house and of Donna Paula too. Great stuff in here, keep it up!!!
Adrian Rebello <adrian_rebello@hotmail.com>
Mumbai, MH India - Wednesday, April 19, 2000 at 00:48:36 (PDT)
Hey Cliff's its fantastic man. Good site to know about Goa. Viva Goa.
Joshy Thomas <joshythomas@yahoo.com>
Panjim, Goa India - Wednesday, April 05, 2000 at 23:48:10 (PDT)
Hi!I'm Melina Pereira from Agacaim,Goa. I am a eleventh grader currently studying in the US. I think that this site is awesome. Keep up the good work!!!
Melina Pereira <melina2000@netscape.net>
Greenville, North Carolina United States Of America - Monday, April 03, 2000 at 13:59:31 (PDT)
All the best to Cliff. Excellent site. Keep up the good work Sorgimcho Axirvadd tujea vaurar assunk, mhoji prathna Isvorak
Lino Baptista Dourado <Libado@usa.net>
Salmiya, Kuwait - Saturday, April 01, 2000 at 03:10:18 (PST)
Cool site and good carnival snaps..keep it up buddies...need help contact me....
Jack Hilary <jacktheripper_p@hotmail.com>
Mumbai, Maha India - Sunday, March 12, 2000 at 04:47:52 (PST)
Excellent site Cliff!!......keep up the good work...
Thomas Correia <thomas.correia@btinternet.com>
Northampton, UK - Saturday, March 11, 2000 at 06:51:33 (PST)
Excellent site Cliff. Keep up the great work. -Maria
Maria <Buchunc@aol.com>
US - Friday, March 10, 2000 at 21:25:27 (PST)
"MABRUK" All the best to our Young Goans. Please include some pictures of the local people taken in the villages or in the fields.
ancy pereira <frankp@emirates.net.ae>
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Thursday, March 09, 2000 at 22:50:29 (PST)
A beautiful site which cotains what a visitor expects.
gopinathapai <gopinathapai@hotmail.com>
chicago, Illinoise USA - Tuesday, March 07, 2000 at 16:01:23 (PST)
Hi Cliff, Good website.
Shanti Fernandes <billu@hotmail.com>
Panji, Goa Bharat - Friday, March 03, 2000 at 21:11:25 (PST)
hey cliff! The sites improved a whole lot!! Great job!! regards, Shraddha
Shraddha <shraddha_buddy@hotmail.com>
Ponda, Goa India - Monday, February 28, 2000 at 22:18:41 (PST)
mogal goancar bhavac urbeaborit avcar
deodato fernandes <deodato29@hotmail.com>
salmiya, kuwait kuwait - Monday, February 28, 2000 at 03:35:52 (PST)
Cliff you are a genius, as the world gets smaller, young men like you will make our very own GOA much more popular. Your site brought me back to Calangute, I assure you I willkeep visiting this wonderful site, as i spread the word around. Keep up the splendid Job.....(one question:Who is George? Introduce him,to me.)
Gaspar Baptista <GasparBaptista@Hotmail.com>
Salmiya, Kuwait - Saturday, February 26, 2000 at 07:02:03 (PST)
Bom site, espero que continuem....força, passei férias em Goa há menos de um ano, adorei e estou cheio de saudades..o vosso site ajuda-me a "matá-las"! um abraço.
Pedro Guerreiro <pedro.guerreiro@mccredito.pt>
Lisboa, Portugal - Monday, January 31, 2000 at 07:18:14 (PST)
Friendly site. Need more pictures of Goa. Any penpals ?
Geraldo Mesquita <mesquita@airmail.net>
Dallas, TX USA - Saturday, January 29, 2000 at 00:51:19 (PST)
WANTED Small hotel near the coast/beach in Goa, 8-14 room or bungalows.good hotel, good price, cash us$ Pleas contakt: goain@forum.dk
Jesper Hansen <goain@forum.dk>
cph., Denmark - Friday, January 28, 2000 at 09:19:20 (PST)
Nice page.
Toronto, USA - Sunday, January 23, 2000 at 19:41:46 (PST)