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Happenings abroad ( May Ball in KUWAIT ! )

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The Goan Welfare Society (GWS), Kuwait, held it's traditional May Ball of the millennium at Al-Habiba Ballroom, Messillah Beach Hotel on the 4th of May, 2000. 

The ball was set rolling with the Top Ranks ( comprising of Adolf, Johnny,Lawry, Dennis and Tony) hitting off with mellow notes in the beginning and thereafter increasing the tempo in subsequent dance sets ( interspersing current chart toppers and hits of yesteryears) and kept the crowd grooving to the beat all night long. Succour D'Mello and Joe jammed up with the Top Ranks and treated the crowd to a variety of Goan oldies.

In between the sets, a lot of prizes were given away to the guests. The most eagerly awaited event of the evening was the May Queen pageant which drew a bevy of pretty belles attired in gorgeous gowns and the latest fads in fashion, each of them vying for the title of the Millennium Mughal Mahal Queen.

The belles sashayed around the dance floor cat walking to the march and were judged on their attire, poise, personality and beauty. The pageant drew more than 35 participants and the number was cut down to twelve semi finalists. The short listed femmes cat walked yet again sashaying to the beat and each of them being judged on their poise, beauty and retorts to questionnaires.

The prize of the best dressed lady went to Shirley J Marshall. The list was further trimmed to five finalists namely Rayleen D'Souza, Lydia Persis, Fatimah, Cheryl Ann-Aguiar and Shirley J. Marshall. The pretty belles were escorted on to the dance floor by smartly dressed male escorts.

The participants in addition to cat walking for the final time, drew a question each and were judged on their intelligence( based on the answers) in addition to their beauty, personality and poise.

After a sumptuous dinner, with the clock ticking away, all five finalists were escorted on to the dance floor and a tense atmosphere prevailed in anticipation for the declaration of the 1st May Queen of the Millennium.

Lydia Persis was declared the first runner up and Shirley J Marshall was the second runner up.

In the end, it was the pretty and ebullient high school student, Rayleen D'Souza who was crowned the 1st May Queen of the Millennium by Carla. She carried home loads of prizes including a Kuwait-Goa-Kuwait air ticket courtesy of Air India, while the runners up were presented air tickets by Olympic airways and Jet Airways respectively. All three winners received gold pendants and dinner/lunch vouchers from Mughal Mahal Restautant, gifts from the Goan Welfare Society, besides other prizes. The two other finalists also received consolation prizes.

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