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[bungee 1][bungee 2][bungee 3][bungee 4] For more information about Gravity ZONE and bungee jumping in Goa, contact Mr Roy or Mr Himanshu at gravityzone@usa.net


Take the plunge

GRAVITY ZONE in Anjuna village, 10 Km north of the world famous beach village of Calangute in North Goa is the first and only facility for bungee jumping in South and South East Asia. The center is located very close to the beach and was set up by Mr Kaushik Suchak from Mumbai and was inaugurated by the ex CM of Goa, Dr Wilfred D'Souza in the last quarter of 1999.

A single jump costs just Rs 500 ( around US $11 per jump ) and the management offers a 50% discount for the jumper who decides to jump again on the same day. The US based promoters who set up the infrastructure - Sports Towers Inc, have set up 48 bungee tower installations around the world with a record of approx. 3 million incident free jumps till date. The jump tower  is 80 feet high and is the lowest one installed yet by the company, a bungee starter grade tower, if you call it so.

In Goa, as on 1st April, 2000, the total number of jumps carried out is 3000. The maximum number of jumps on a single day was on 1st January,2000 , what a way to start  the new year and millennium !. Local tourists form 80% of the jumpers while  the remaining 20% are jumpers for other countries. The jump entitles you to a bungee jump certificate to show to your friends. According to Ryan Correa , your bungee cord is well tied , secured and checked twice over. Bungee jumpers , who have jumped in Austrailia, San Francisco and Britain have taken the plunge at GRAVITY ZONE.

What is bungee jumping in the first place ?

Bungee jumping is an unusual sport of jumping off a very high structure with a long elastic rope tied to your feet. The rope pulls you back just before you hit an inflated airbag. The thrill of just jumping off the high tower is a great experience. On the other hand, it's an exhilarating activity that is perfect for adrenaline junkies. Folks who are used to indoor activites such as texas hold em or checkers are better off trying other activities or watching bungee jumpers strut their stuff. 

Steps to Bungee explained

Before you decide to take a bungee jump take a good look at the tower first ! To bungee means to climb all the way up ( 80 feet to be exact ) . Get hooked on to a bungee cord and fall off the edge of the bridge on top. Naturally if you are have a weak heart, this sport is not for you, but you get just enough thrill watching others do it. If you are still not over awed then move on to the next step.


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