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A Goan Band performing at a beat show

They say music is in the blood of every Goan. And there are many talented Goan musicians. Most of them play in four/five member bands, dishing out popular Indian and Western hits. When they play the crowds go crazy enjoying the foot stamping music. You'll will find the Goan bands playing at almost every social occasion be it weddings, beat shows or feasts.

Some of the more popular bands are Tidal wave, Cream, Forefront, India, Big City Band, Syndicate, Archies and Legends. Some of the bands such as Forefront, organize special dances such as the popular  "White Christmas" dance held at the Emerald Lawns in Parra, Bardez which attracts many couples for a romantic dance party on Christmas night. 

These bands are real entertainers knowing how to add life to any party. Specially for weddings, they play the popular Goan mandos that get everybody to the dance floor. They can also be hired to play for a wedding or birthday party. During the tourist season, there are many musical shows organized where you can get a chance to see these bands in actions. 

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