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Clifford Eutimio D'Souza
Qualification M.C.A
Age  27
Fav. Colour Purple
Likes To have fun !
Dislikes Jealous people
Fav. Singer Shania Twain
Freddy Mercury
Fav. Song Animals
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I was born on the 20th of January, 1974 at Muharraq, Bahrain, a small archipelago located between Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the Arabian Gulf. I completed my primary and secondary education at the Indian School, Bahrain, before returning to Goa,India in 1992 to complete my further education. I was an above average student in school, excelling in both my studies and in sports.

In Goa I joined St Xavier's College to complete my higher studies. After graduating in Physics with first class, I joined the Master of Computer Application ( M.C.A ) post-graduate degree course at the Goa University . At university, I developed my love for computers, and am currently working in a senior position for a Swiss Software Company based in Goa where my main responsibility is the development of  internet based computer applications.

People consider me to be creative and very intelligent. My hobbies include singing, playing my guitar, reading , playing table-tennis and web application development. I'm cool, friendly and like to enjoy all the good things in life. My main inspiration is God and  my mum. I try to live my life by the 15 golden rules for success. You could make them yours too ;-)

The fifteen golden rules for super success !

(1) Keep matters in suspense.
(2) Know your best quality.
(3) Never exaggerate.
(4) Adapt to those around you.
(5) Associate with those you can learn from.
(6) Don't be tiresome.
(7) Plan for bad fortune while your fortune is good.
(8) Don't talk about yourself.
(9) The wise do sooner what the fools do later.
(10) Never Complain.
(11) Do, but also seem.
(12) Don't be made of glass.
(13) Don't live in a hurry.
(14) Follow through on your victories.
(15) Quit while you are ahead.

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